Entrails to prophecies

In retrospect the soul that is left benign to seek solitude cradled in the divine. Searching for improvement within an individual the reflection in the mirror is truly mine.

Less the word observed rendered upon the landscape

Equal in our measure

The shortest day it’s light shall…



art by jen

sometimes I sit in this roaring silence

staring into the flames

remembering a life that has past

love that never last

tears on my hands

what is the point in all the pain

dreams that never came true

for people like souls I never knew

I am just the walking…



facing uncertainty

the sign read

the wonderful land of oz or bust

guilt runs rampid in the ranks

thumb on the hitchike

and the questions stink

unrighteous justice or

faceless atrocities and bombed out alleys

the tired tormented masses

Temples don’t bow down to me

illuminating shadows

this road is…



Cute Pretty

and shouldn’t exist

Injecting? rejection!

hating body ?




No one calls?

it’s past the thirty!

bending thesaurus





gunstock magazine

and an island somewhere

peace tangerine

out of fear