Art by jen

entrails to prophecies continued

Jen Waters
3 min readDec 17, 2021


To minister

Not knowing which there is everafter

Mandolins playing the Maidens of Winter

To the lyres ,the kingdom crumbling from disaster

The Princely cost of the days sojourned and gathered

And for me

Teetering on the edge looking down.

Honestly it is not that far to travel

This nightmare never ending

I lament seeing it for the last time

As if never knowing

The price I should pay

For knowing this reality

It is only ,but!

the end

art by jen

And who is it that seek the quest

Leiden by keel ,turns into the wind and tide

Tack and set the ropes as they bind

Your heart with chains by which all abide

No blame dispels the guilty

No flame dispels the ashes

No cruel intention do gooder

No sympathy reprise


Yesterday and tomorrow each liken their own

To the vastness of colorless knights

Bowing there before thee

Casted enlighten, their images turn to stone

Art by jen

My dear sovereign I ask unbridled

The stead knows it’s way home

Arrogance without caution

Your crown lay shattered on the ground where you are thrown

Weighed within the measure

For the Length it’s distance shall not be known

Carried by the sea it’s sounds sweet an endearing

No trace of your Sand Castle shall be shown

It is all not doom and gloom

The slate wiped clean

Once awaked from your slumber

It was only but a dream

Art by jen

He is a man

Limited to that for what he is ,a man

In all his triumphs and glories

Failings and Desires

His dreams and his imagination

Tenuous his hold on life

He is that ,that he is ,, human

No ,he is not a god

No ,he is not infallible

No ,he can not change everything ,anything ,at times nothing

He is just a man, gentle and grace, hard sometimes out of place, caring compassionate and sometimes a hero

Proud, an anchor ,a giver and a taker

A creator, a clown ,he cries tears like any other.

He is a man. Just a man

I love him just the same.

Art by jen


Where did you go?

I penned a letter to that girl

Eloquently written in shades of black calligraphy

Adorn the pages and the Chrome green envelope

She’s gone ,,setting me back to wonder

Perhaps it was the coo of the morning ,,love

The allure of the open road

I failed to join her

I am lamenting that choice now.

I drop the letter through the slot

Heck the postage is paid

Though there is no one there to recieve it

It will be back in a few days

But I will be gone by then

Drifted away in my sleep

Goodbyes are never easy.

Just wanted to say

I love you.