Jen Waters
1 min readDec 11, 2021


Art by jen

Live ,love and peace

So much tragedy in the world ,sometime we want to close our eyes.

Look for escape in anyway that we can find.

I know art has been that for me. Times it was all that I had.

It is easy to escape into art , a welcome release. A sanctuary for inner peace.

I often reflect in the art that I share. The struggles that make up my life.

Maybe it is not visible but if you look ,it is there.

Sometimes it is hard to notice, other times it is plain to see.

I just want to tell any or all just how much you mean to me.

Life is precious, often to short. It has joys ,triumphs and victories as well as heart ache ,sadness and losses.

No one is immune from any of these things. Some never show it but it is surely there. Others like me wear it on our sleeves ,it‘s as clear as I am spelling it out here.

All I wish is the best for you all ,in times of trouble the strength to prevail. with all my heart and all my love

thank you