Live by the pen

Jen Waters
2 min readApr 24


Photo by jen

live by the pen

should we die by the sword yet

shall we remain undaunted

questioning our answers

never knowing the reason why

we ,you and I

do not face this alone

Photo by jen

shape the world for the future

for the now ,for just one

then should we not try

Still I struggled so much in my life . Seems like it is something I must bare

so many disagree with the narrative

or perhaps is it that others just don’t care

The burden to say yes, or it’s okay , or I have the right

I fail to see what it takes from anyone or lessons the load on humanity

and my inability to circumvent my plight

I don’t know all the answers ,I still question myself

I try hard to be as diplomatic about my reasons

It is just the way I came off the shelf

Art by jen

These things are not imperfections in an already imperfect life

it is all in the way you see it ,it could be your dreams or your sacrifice

no one is wrong here ,the is no biblical sin,

the only one that it should matter to

is a good place to begin