Jen Waters
2 min readDec 23, 2021


Art by jen

It’s a dream

It’s a dream that we seek

That often forget the importance of this reality

That so few realize ,for so many it may never be

I guestion myself ,I still don’t know why

I question my effort, I question my need

I question my intentions

What does life mean?

Years go by quickly in the end it would seem that there should be an answer ,but it escapes me.

I could write down every idea, draw every leaf carve every branch of the proverbial tree.

But where does that leave me? It to will be forgotten just as quick as it came ,the insperational vortex has me on my knees.

Time is short , I should not expect anyone to hear me , I guess that is the reason why.

Looking at my past ,I wondered why would I believe, Now seems obvious . When I cried no one came to see, no body heard me no body knew but me.

Art by jen

A lifetime I spent looking yet was to blind to see

The answer to my troubles were right in front of me

Looking back at me in the mirror It begins to make sense

That I struggled for nothing yet I put up a defence

I believe I am honest but I guess that was not so

I believe I loved but what does that show

Helpless or hoping what more could I do

In the end, the reality was I just wanted you

art by jen

They are only words , formations of sound

our eyes can not hear them

Nor can our ears feel them

they touch us so completely

they can build us up or tear us down

Sometimes it is taken for granite that they are only just sound

but they cut us so deeply like a knife and leave nasty scares or

they can bring on happiness inspire our lives

so what is left

there is little for me to say

Thanks for the kindness

tomorrows another day