Entrails to prophecies

In retrospect the soul that is left benign to seek solitude cradled in the divine. Searching for improvement within an individual the reflection in the mirror is truly mine.

Less the word observed rendered upon the landscape

Equal in our measure

The shortest day it’s light shall be like treasure

If the voice calls to emanate

The darkness within the soul

Resonates with sounds of surrender

Cast shaddows over the whole

Less we run from responsibility

Or question our reasons why

For some the remains undaunted

They too do or die

In the end of all creation

Ballanced on the wheel

No singularity evades its purpose

Only time can help us heal

So many pass by this way ,overlooking the reality staged in part. And although the mind is open the images are engraved on the heart.



facing uncertainty

the sign read

the wonderful land of oz or bust

guilt runs rampid in the ranks

thumb on the hitchike

and the questions stink

unrighteous justice or

faceless atrocities and bombed out alleys

the tired tormented masses

Temples don’t bow down to me

illuminating shadows

this road is no home for the meek

falling past midnight

draped in linen rags and a wash of rain

the easel of my eyes

brushed the mud from my shoes

and another town

thank you for reading my work ,your claps and comments



Cute Pretty

and shouldn’t exist

Injecting? rejection!

hating body ?




No one calls?

it’s past the thirty!

bending thesaurus





gunstock magazine

and an island somewhere

peace tangerine

out of fear



No Wonderwomen

questioning everything

it’s just a matter of course

Spider-Man is caught in his own web of lies

And The Flash is serving time

Those damning photos were overexposed

Bat Girl bail out rescue package isn’t working either

The Green Hulk governor turned dictator blind

everyone wonders

where does the money go

all I know is I got my loot bag in hand

But some Joker methuselah inaquivably

Riddle me three , submit in triplicate

just to log into their website

now I am stuck in Gotham highway gridlock

And my Batmobile needs tires

if not healthcare

announcer : meanwhile

Robin leads the charge

from the executor sweet of the welfare lines

This town just isn’t the same